Your Personal Life Stats! aka TMI

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  • Terry

    For me:

    4 wives

    7 kids

    33 professions


    First wife

    Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, grandchild, 3 best friends

    Low points :

    Sentenced to Federal Prison for 6 years in 1967. Was paroled in 1969.

    Attacked by prison rapist.

    Was once stranded in Little Rock for 2 weeks without money, food or transportation.

    Disfellowshipped in 1978

    7 days in hospital for Jaw/Neck infection. Hospital bill: 48K

    High Points:

    Rearing my first 3 kids by myself after their mom died.

    Learning to be the Dad I never had.

    Moving from Texas to California and starting a 20 year art career.

    The advent of keyboard synthesizers!

    Breaking the habit of collecting LP's and ridding myself of all non-essentials.


    How about YOU?

  • Theocratic Sedition
    Theocratic Sedition

    This thread if folks are honest, is gonna be a classic!!!!

    Attacked by prison rapist.


  • Finkelstein

    What surprises me is that you've been through a lot in your life Terry and yet your such a clear intelligent rational thinker.

    Perhaps your life experiences absolved to be as such.

  • sd-7

    For me:

    1 wife

    1 trueborn son

    1 stepdaughter

    6 different jobs



    Great aunt


    Grandfather (on mom's side)

    Grandmother (on dad's side, murdered by grandfather in early '60s, dad probably saw it happen)

    Low points:

    Attempted suicide in 1998 over rejection by girl

    Dated only 3 women, one of whom I never met in person, the other two were in two separate cults

    Becoming a walking ATM to a chronically unemployed woman, then losing my virginity to her at the age of 26

    Sleeping with my ex-girlfriend, then marrying her and linking myself to the cult forever

    Disfellowshipped in 2010 after wife read my e-mail

    Threw away 'Avatar' on Blu-ray after 'Avatar incident' with wife finding a scene offensive

    Elder gave us reclining chair, with instructions that I was not allowed to sit in it (Reclining Chair incident)

    Wife read my journal, tore pages out of it, threw wedding ring in my face

    Separated from wife in 2011; reunited one month later

    Wasting hours of my life on Transformers 2-3, 'The Time Machine' with Guy Pearce, 'Lockout' (again with Guy Pearce), most of 'Lost' without ever seeing the finale which will probably be a letdown, and lots of '80s cartoons that, as it turns out, are quite boring.

    High Points:

    Seeing the birth of my son

    Really good sex with my wife, back when we were doin' that

    Star Wars


    Star Trek

    Battlestar Galactica

    Comic books

    Nintendo in all its forms

    Nintendo Power magazine (R.I.P.)

    The Hunger Games

    Discovering freedom of mind for the first time

    Reading tons of books

    Amazon Kindle

    Going to movies by myself

    Discovering I could Google an actress's name and find pictures of her

    Natalie Portman--my gateway drug to Internet porn

    Winning a TV in a spelling bee

    Getting a VCR

    Having 10 movies and watching them 50 times (Here's lookin' at you 'Unbreakable', 'The Mummy Returns', 'Pokemon 2000: The Movie', 'Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition', Star Wars: Episodes I-II, and 'Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker')

    Having a heck of a lot more than 10 movies and never being able to watch them all--even better

    Joining forces with my archnemesis Christoph and fighting the Watchtower at the Battle of the High Command

    ...Aw, yeah. TMI, baby. Way TMI...


  • Terry

    Thanks for honest and detailed responses!!

    What surprises me is that you've been through a lot in your life Terry and yet your such a clear intelligent rational thinker.

    Perhaps your life experiences absolved to be as such.

    Well, thanks. But, life kept smacking me in my delusions and waking me up and I kept resisting until I could resist no more.

    Once you give up mystical thinking and wishful thinking and delusions the only thing left is to try and be rational.

    So, I'm stuck in "default" position now:)

  • Pterist

    Thanks for your transparency Terry, however, I dont use Facebook any more, as I consider it a spying machine.

    I Apologize for the paranoia.


  • glenster


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  • freeflyingfaerie

    Wow, Terry!

    Ok, for starters~

    1 husband

    2 children

    over a dozen different jobs



    A grandmother

    A grandfather

    An uncle

    A sweet friend


    Low points~

    Leaving my husband of 10 years and divorcing him

    Nearly dying of 2 pulmonary emboli, 10 day hospitalization

    Creating suicide letters, researching methods, and feeling ok with the idea of it upon feeling the enormous pain of losing my loved ones when I left the cult


    High points~

    Loving my children, seeing them smile, holding them

    Freeing my spirit in dance

    Discovering the peace of yoga practice

    Expressing anger, hurt, bliss....through writing

    Rediscovering myself, life all over again and again, like a child

  • Terry

    I think we are making some real progress here!

    Anybody else want to unburden?

    Incidentally, my favorite music software is the east west quantum leap symphonic orchestra software. Check it out on YouTube!

  • Honeybucket

    For starters:

    1 husband

    1 kitty

    many many liasons and relationships


    6 of my ex lovers dead, I didnt kill them, but it makes me wonder if I am cursed. lmao


    physically and mentally abusive relationship 3x

    severe alcoholism and mild drug addiction

    severe depression and personality disorder

    2 week jail stint

    arrested for beating the crap out of a guy that called me a fat jew

    using and abusing people for my own gain

    not being trusted by my family

    a couple suicide attempts


    getting married

    getting clean and sober (except for the weed, but thats not a drug)

    quitting smoking

    growing self respect and worth

    starting college

    learning the ttatt

    traveling abroad

    40 year old virgin


    schindlers list



    avenged sevenfold

    my potential

    losing 80lbs

    Well.. I know this aint shit compared to others, but Im only 28. Ive done alot of bonehead moves in my life, but I learned from my mistakes. I put all the blame on myself, not anyone or any society. I did this to myself. I am hoping there wont be anymore downs but alot more highs. peace

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