the quintessential pathology

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  • cptkirk

    i think this is a generational problem......put in the most simplistic terms, i think the baby boomer generation has major denial issues, stacked on issues revolving around inability to see thyself objectively. this dynamic creates a large sector (usually leadership too) of people who just keep repeating the same shit over and over(within the borg)...and because they are leadership, their pathology is an instrument of destruction to all those like minded people (many of the people here including myself)....people who say 'hey, i'm not perfect, i do my best...and i think it is equally important that i am honest with myself and objective'......this is a commonality that many of us on this board share. common sense solutions, constantly rejected by the afore mentioned profile of (again mostly leadership folk) groups within the borg. this group just continues to rush forward with their emotions, denying the most quintessential of precept from which the bible itself was founded (ie. take care of your family or go home, show empathy, don't judge other christians)....they hold on to scriptures such as "seek first the kingdom and everything will be added to you" a distorted way to rationalize their irrationality.

    again, my beliefs are inconsequential....this is simply a succinct way of seeing that even if we all tomorrow said "ok you are the truth, now tell us what to do".....that the whole thing is broken, regardless of the notion of god's existence or inexistence.

    i think some people read this and are like, oh no don't tell them because then they might fix it....haha, it's already over.

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