FLDS, Jehovah's Witnesses and Mass Suicide.

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  • jw07

    An FLDS sect under the leadership of Warren Jeffs has told his followers to prepare for the end of the world by tonight (December 31st, 2012). Note the last sentence found in the link below. “It’s just Warren whipping them up into another frenzy to gather money," Wyle told the station.


    This is quite familiar territory for the WBTS and their slaves.

    In the link below please note the passive aggression and silence when pressed for the truth by the reporter. "They are told to never talk to reporters."


    With that said:

    1. How do you think the public would respond were FLDS members to commit mass suicide?

    2. How would the Watchtower Corporation respond, would they have a field day pointing it out, or would they IGNORE it?

  • Eustace

    An FLDS sect under the leadership of Warren Jeffs has told his followers to prepare for the end of the world by tonight (December 31st, 2012).

    I didn't see any real verification of that claim in the article. They closed a grocery store, but with the way the economy has been going I doubt that's proof that they think the world's going to end today.

    With the Watchtower we have proof that they're always lying to their followers about the end of the World, big as life in the actual literature they produce.

    With the FLDS this just seems to be an unverified claim by former members of the religion.

    This article would be like if the New York Daily News ran with a story just based purely on something someone posted, with no references to anything actually produced or vetted by the Watchtower Society, on JWN.

    Anti-Cult activists need to be very careful to maintain credibility, and to avoid the spreading of unverified information.


    I am sure they would pounce on anything to take the heat off of themselves. Harold Camping anyone?

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Well, first of all, Warren Jeffs was right about the end of the world happening on December 31. It's just that it was an invisible end of the world. The rest of the world is simply confused and doesn't know everything has ended.

    Seriously, the FLDS is very loosely based on the LDS (Mormon) church. After the LDS church was established, though, a quorum of twelve apostles was established that was equal in authority to the first presidency, which consists of three lay apostles. Subsequent to that, a quorum of Seventy was established equal in authority to the previous two quorums. This organizational structure effectively kept one person from seizing control and running the church as a dictator. If revelation is received, it comes through the First Presidency; and when the president dies, the First Presidency is disorganized and the Quorum of the Twelve becomes the governing body until a new presidency can be established.

    What Warren Jeffs did was establish his own Quorum of the Twelve (which has only several members) and then name himself as the sole authority of the church, overriding all existing authorities and all previous authorities. Before Jeffs, his father instituted the one-man rule, but many suspect Warren of being the mastermind. And though many accept everything Jeffs says as the gospel truth, the church's doctrines are so adverse to suicide that I doubt anyone in the church would go that far. They may arm themselves and fight the government until the last man, woman and child, but Warren Jeffs is so nuts that I doubt that his church will survive. If anything, some other leader will arise and claim to be Jeff's successor. I imagine that if a disaster happened and they ended up killing themselves that, yes, the Jehovah's Witnesses would take advantage of it, but only in context of the signs of the times.

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