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  • LostGeneration

    Ironically, the first two "examples" have the nice JWs directing the householder to a DOCTOR. Too bad no such instruction is given to the elders dealing with suicidal JWs...

    Some of the other examples have the typical JW suicide antidote- Meetings and becoming a JW...

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    can an elder or former elder confirm this? I'm of the opinion that there is no official policy to direct those suffering form mental distress, to a professional.

    Seen those suffering basically get chastized from the dubs

  • CADSkin

    A good psych. will be able to quickly and easily find the source of all the JW's self esteem and worth issues with little or no diagnosis.

  • LostGeneration

    -wha - Check this thread I started, they addressed suicide in their infamous "confidentiality letter". I guess the cure is "CALL LEGAL". They don't trust elders to know their head from their ass.

  • WTWizard

    I wonder how many people they "save(??)" from physical suicide only to murder them spiritually. The religion makes you so absorbed in itself that there is no time for anything. You are always answering that fxxxing trumpet--that you are supposed to drop all emotions and rejoice when it goes off. Boasting sessions, time in field circus, hounder calls, whatnot. In the end, the person is damned--the soul deteriorates, and they are damned to return as children in devout witless families. The problem repeats, and they are trapped with no way out. They are the ones that get baptized at age 6, pious-sneer every break in school, are given a means to only earn sustenance so they cannot save up to move out, they have to pious-sneer as a condition for employment, they have witless landlords (often slumlords) that insist that they remain "in good standing" or they get evicted, and no information to use to check the religion. Attempts to research result in eviction and termination of employment, with no way to get anything else.

    The worst is that their souls are trapped in this. Beyond the second life (where they are trapped), they simply repeat it endlessly. They are damned to repeat it forever. Each and every time they are reincarnated, they waste their whole lives on this kind of work. This is worse than the suicide would have been--instead of being reincarnated as was, they are reincarnated as devout witlesses that cannot escape. Eventually, their souls dissipate and they lose out on anything that resembles salvation. Not to mention, it was the angels and jehovah that led to the original problem in an attempt to get the soul into this mess in the first place. Hence, either way jehovah murdered the soul--suicide or damnation to endless cycles of being joke-hovah's witlesses.

  • NeverKnew

    I have to guess that seeking counseling could tarnish the image of the adherents happiness.

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