The derisive term for the "annointed" - cracker eater:

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    I owe this one to PalmTree (from an outside conversation):

    I had forgotten it, but way back in the late 1960s, when all the "real annointed" were pretty old, and the whole organization seemed to be run by the "Other Sheep" - I think somewhere between 1966 and 1968, I first ran into this term:

    "Cracker Eater" - a dispespectful term for the old, presumably senile, truly pre-1935 era JW annointed.

    Here is my nearly-forgotten story:

    Speaking of the derisive term "cracker-eaters": Way back when I was just a 16 year old kid - 1965/68 or so, we had a new Circuit Overseer. This guy was highly abrasive to everybody in the congregation. We had an old Greek brother who was "annointed". This new CO referred to old Nick as a "cracker eater" several times while we were in the car group out in service - while Nick was at the door and we were in the car. I thought it was a racial/national remark on Nick being Greek, but Marion Dunlap (our congregation asst. overseer, brother of Ed Dunlap from the Ray Franz book) explained to me that it was actually a disrespectful remark on Nick being annointed.

    Marion made it a point to tell me two days later that this CO had been called back to his former circuit and was disfellowshipped for immorality with a pioneer girl there. Very eye-opening for a 16 year old kid - but Marion Dunlap was like that...straight, simple, and between the eyes with his actions. The CO guy actually had to cut short his visit to our congregation and Marion had to finish the "CO visit" and do his Saturday Night special meeting.

    I was too young and too new in the brainwashing to understand what I had just seen with my own eyes. It was about 1966 or 1967.

    "Cracker-Eater" indeed. Nick Fakus was just about one of my favorite old people in that congregation.
    When I hear the word Kulture - I release the safety on my Browning.


    That's a funny term! I like " sip & nibblers " or " cracker snacker " or " biscuit muncher ". Some of those could have double meanings, so I use them sparingly.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I think I used that term, totally unaware of it's less than steller origin.

  • Theocratic Sedition
    Theocratic Sedition

    LOL, never heard that term as I've only known of like two annointed in this area with one of the two not being taken seriously. Would love to hear it roll off of Chris Rock's tongue. "Ol Cracka azz Cracka eater!"

  • cobaltcupcake

    Never heard that one before!

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    He snidley said a cracker eater

    i thought he was a spiritual leader

    but soon the truth would be revealed

    and so his fate would then be sealed

    he traveled all about the land

    proud that all his words were grand

    One day the GB will arise

    and run off with the money prize

    the necks of witnesses will snap

    when realizing it all was crap

  • james_woods

    Drew told the thruth.

    I have another Nick F. story. He held forth on the serviece meeting about something in the
    Bible called "the Brazieere".

    The entire congegation was amuused, delighted, and stiflinge our laughter - when this old guy held forth about a passage in the Old Testamenstat in which the protaganostit was holding vorth with some kind of meat sacrifiace - upon charcoal fire.

    He called it a "Brassierre" - note the subtle difference in pronuncaiation.

    The ladies in the congregation were delighted.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Great story. I love that term. This is the first time I've heard it. I wonder if in JW circles it is referred to as the "C word(s)"

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