Who here are familiar with these religious organization ?

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  • jam

    Today driving from the store and I have passed this place

    over 1000 times, a temple "Kwan Yin Meditation Temple

    Incorporated". And then I drove to another location to

    the Masjid Qurtabah temple or church.

    So I,m wondering what goes on in these temples, churches

    or synagogues. We have a large number of Asians in our

    community. The city population (all peoples) 38000.

    Most of the Asians community are Christians but then you

    have a temple of meditation, Shamanism, Shintism, Confucianism

    and Daoism.

    My question, what are the services like, is there singing, praying,

    any testifying (like in the Baptist churches).

    And if you have attened any of these organization how were you

    received? I,m speaking about English speaking temples.

  • Cagefighter

    masjid is a mosque...the other one sounds like some new age asian cult.

  • jam

    Oh, one other thought, I have never seen these organization

    out recruiting, or inviting someone to their temple. I have

    yet to see a Monk knock on my door. Over 53% of the people

    in my community are affiliate with a religion.

  • jam

    Thanks Cagefighter. We have a large number of Churches,

    Temples with their names written in a foreign langugage, plus

    other businesses. LOL

  • blondie
  • jam

    Blondie: you are to much. I have never heard of the

    Monrovia Patch and I live in the community, LOL.


  • QueenWitch

    kwan yin is a buddha of compassion so I'm guessing the meditation center is buddhist.

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