Why China can still be called a 'Developing Nation'?

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  • fulltimestudent

    This is a village in the same province as Beijing.


    The video from China Central Television demonstrates graphically why China can still be termed a developing nation. Since the so-called 'opening' by Deng Xiaoping some 30 years ago, much of China has developed, but maybe only 50-60%. At the time Deng said that development would be uneven, (how could any government say otherwise?) that some would become prosperous before others.

    Today, it's easy to see the prosperity of the bigger cities. But the poorer parts are more difficult to see.

    And that's the reason why I do not think that China would want a war with anyone. Nonetheless, their experience with a Imperialistic west (Britain, France, Germany, Russia and the USA) in the nineteenth century would have left them with deep suspicion of the west.

    Those in the west that want to see a world without poverty, should appreciate that for the first time in history millions (perhaps, around 700 million plus) have been lifted from poverty to a middle class status, in not much more than a single generation

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