Newbies/lurkers - you have 24 hours to have your say in the 2012 JW survey!!

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  • cedars

    Hi everyone

    Yes, the survey slams shut at midnight tomorrow (the 31st), so if you're new to this forum and haven't taken the survey yet, I urge you to get involved while you have time.

    Here is the link...

    So far the voting numbers are as follows...

    • Active Witnesses - 238
    • Serving Elders - 32
    • Memorial partakers - 13
    • Inactive/faders - 533
    • Disfellowshipped/DA'd - 424
    • Never baptized - 218
    • TOTAL - 1,458

    To read a review of the results after 8 months, click here...

    I want to say a BIG thankyou to all those who have taken part this year. I especially appreciate all the feedback we've received on how we can make the 2013 survey even better.


  • Fernando

    Hey Cedars!

    A big thank you for the labour of love.

    May you and yours go from strength to strength.



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