A Personal Thanks To Mr. Flipper For The Way That I Sign Off the Air...

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  • titch

    Mr. Flipper: A personal word of thanks to you...you've influenced me in the way that I sign off the air with my fellow Amateur Radio operators. I've mentioned this before, about a year ago, that I'm a licensed Ham Radio Operator. It is typical, standard procedure, to sign off the air, after having had a conversation with a fellow Ham, to say "73"---which means, basically, "Best Regards". Now, I've gotten into the habit of saying, 73...and Peace Out! You've had an influence on me, Sir. Just thought I'd let you know. I had never heard that expression before, until perusing this Website/Forum. But, now, it's part of my expressions in Ham Radio!


  • flipper

    TITCH- Thanks for the kind props guy ! I got that term from a sports talk show host some years ago who had a sports talk show in the Sacramento , California area who used to close his show with " peace out everybody " and it aired every Sunday night. I just kind of adopted it as a closing sign of wishing everybody here peace and goodwill after a response to their comments in order to generate good vibes between people. Nothing more, nothing less than that. Thanks again, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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