Golfers, I got my butt whipped by a 10 year old 70 lb Girl today.

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  • jam

    An executive golf course, she was 3 over par. This young

    lady I,m sure she will be playing in the LPGA.

    My son and I were paired up with the father and his

    daughter. We walk up to the first tee and the father said

    I hope you guys don,t mind but my daughter will be playing

    with you, not me just my daughter. I ask where is your daughter,

    and he said here she come. Now I,am thinking that,s great, we

    play with a 7 yr old. So another golfer walks up and he will be

    playing with us. So now we have 3 grown men and the little girl.

    The first tee, 80 yards. She tee off, 3 feet from the cup. Us, three

    men didn,t hit the green. Second hold 125 yards, she 5 feet from

    the cup, we 10-50 ft from the cup. Third hold 325 yards, she bombs it

    175 yards, next shot 5 feet from the green.

    That was an humbling experience today.

    The First Tee for young people (starting at 5 years of age) is paying

    off. I have seen young kids that were great golfers but this young

    lady was amazing.

  • irondork

    I know what you're talking about. The golf course where I work hosts the Junior Blade Golf Classic every year ( ) and these kids are amazing. It never ceases to amaze me the kind of distance a skinny little poke can put on that ball.

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