The Slave is your Boss !

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  • scary21

    Only in the upside down world of JW would it be possible . It also makes me crazy when they say " wait on Jehovah "

    when what they really mean is, wait on the slave to change things. Or when they say Jehovah says or Jehovah wants.... Do they talk to God ?

    NO......It's what THEY's what THEY want..... Can't JW see the slave is Jehovah, to them ! I remember in one of Rutherford's books

    he said " Jehovah says you must have ---- hours in FS. Jehovah says ----- bible studies, Jehovah says...bla bla bla......Oh REALLY, Jehovah

    said that....... No, again it was the slave that said it....... Worship, obey , and be blessed....... THE SLAVE RULES !

  • cofty

    I have been out since '96 but I get the impression that obedience to the GB is the main theme of life in the borg these days.

  • wasblind

    The WTS lives in a universe all to itself where everything is BASS ACKWARDS

    All I know, In this life " Slaves " and " wait on the kingdom " should

    never be in the same sentence

  • Heaven

    The Slave is your Boss !

    Uh, I think my manager would have something to say about that.

    The JW equation .... Pray More + Wait on Jehovah = Nothing Gets Done and People Get Hurt/Ill/Dead ... is very damaging.

    They need a better formula.

  • Zagor Almanah
    Zagor Almanah

    Trollin' , trollin', trollin'.................keep them doggies rollin' _________Watson

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