Westboro a hate group, so are jw's!

by carla 6 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • carla

    While I agree 100% that Westboro is a hate group aren't the jw's also hate group? How many times in wt literature do they come right and say 'we must hate...'? I understand they are a bit more politically correct these days but the thought and actions are still there.


  • problemaddict

    They have defined hate as "love to a lesser degree". Its a mess but I wouldn't put them on the same level. Not too far down the chain, but not on the same level. Just my thoughts of course.

  • Tater-T

    they teach you must hate what jehovah hates...

    but that just means throwing things you like away..

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Remember when the old-time JW's were encouraged to go to the churches and harass the church folk? JW's are a better than thou, hateful, fear-mongering doomsday cult.

  • Londo111

    Yes, I grew tired of the hate speech at the meetings. Christian groups were ragged on for giving to charity, instead of door-knocking. I mean...they make these churches sound worse than Hitler! Very bizzare when one starts to analyze this. In contrast, the JWs as a group do little to no charity, and when they do, they blow thier trumpets.

    The difference between Westboro and JWs are that JWs have learned subtly and have a well-oiled PR machine.

  • unstopableravens

    the wt hates but indvual jw are not like westboro the wt has some what more compassion in words.i dont think its a far comparrison. thats just me

  • undercover

    The JW religion, with its parent company, the WTS, is a cult, but they're not in the same class as Westboro. Today's WTS is WT-lite, compared to the old days. They used to be in-your-face with their doomsday predictions and preaching style. Today they work hard to not bring attention to themselves. They do preach the messages of how God will destroy all that are not affliated with them, but they stop short of picketing funerals and holding up signs that God hates entire groups of people. They save their harshest depictions of Armageddon for members' ears only. And that's to keep them scared, and in line.

    The WTS is sneakier than Westboro. They don't wear their beliefs on their sleeve as does Westoboro. Westboro folks are so delusional, they really do believe the shit they shovel. The WTS probably knows that they're doctrines are all shit, so they're just protecting what little empire they have left. Westboro groupies are hardcore, willing to alienate everyone around them to spread their message. JWs are duped sheeple who are too lazy to investigate their own beliefs, and who try hard to not raise suspicions among worldly people, that they are indeed WT cult members.

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