Child abuse: silent on million$ in compensation with gagging orders for victims to keep silent

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    The settlement of several cases in California out of court is not mentioned on

    Children who were abused were promised millions in compensation on the condition that they never discuss their case again.

    The court records for these cases show how the Organisation had repeatedly avoided bringing the perpetrators to justice. The defence claimed that the elders in a Congregation have no duty of care, or obligation to protect the children attending meetings or going out on field service with those they already knew to be peodophiles.

    I am surprised that with this marvellous tool the Official Website, they have not taken the opportunity to make clear their position on such cases, nor to explain why they still keep secret the past record of child molestors who have been appointed to a position of responsibility.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Of course not. Any JW knows that the only reputable news source is from the WT.

    I think I see another informative article on the horizon.

    "Aspirin Bottle Cotton. Is it necessary? What is the Bible's view?"


    Wha happened, LOL!!! Don't forget the series ' Our friend the Avacado ' which is necessary for salvation.

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