Hi everyone - I'm a long-time lurker. I posted our full) story in Members-Only

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  • goatshapeddemon

    We're in a situation where it's risky to us to be identified because we've successfully faded () and still have a lot at stake to not get DFd for family's sake and I shared plenty of identifying details.

    Suffice it to say on the public post that it's another "Higher Education" gone wrong story - so much for "It's a family decision". It's more like, "We may SAY it's a family decision, but you know what the right decision is."

    Because my dad let us go to college (even though we pioneered and were "examples" in the circuit used on the Young People assembly parts, etc.), he lost everything and ultimately (loooong story short) here we are... and actually, we've never been happier. Me and my whole family (and husband) have left.

    Thank goodness we realized it when we did; I only wish my parents had got out earlier.


  • smiddy

    Good for you GSD , I `m always happy to hear of people being freed from this cult . All the best to you and your family


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