From Colloquialisms to Creative Cursing

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  • Socrateswannabe

    I love colloquialisms and creative cursing. I present to you a "top ten" list of sayings that I remember from my upbringing in Texas. Please share your favorites from your "neck of the woods"! By the way, these expressions were used by Texans, but I'm not implying that they originated with them.

    1. He's as tight as Dick's hatband

    2. He don't know shit from Shinola

    3. She's as ugly as the south end of a north-bound heifer

    4. He was havin' a conniption fit

    5. It was a knock-down-drag-out

    6. She can talk a blue streak

    7. He's nuthin' but a drug store cowboy (probably never been on a horse)

    8. He come in lookin' like he was rode hard and put up wet

    9. He's as crooked as a barrel of snakes

    10. It's colder than a well digger's ass

    Actually here's Number 11 and my personal favorite since it was so often spewed by my saintly old mom: "Shit fire and save the matches!"


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