Our Spiritual Heritage

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  • BlindersOff1

    "Our Spiritual Heritage"

    Trying to find the Watchtower reference in the last couple of yrs to the value of researching old WT publications.

    Anyone know it or a good search term to find it. I have the watchtower library 2012 CD

  • Atlantis

    Our Kingdom Ministry/2011/April/pg.3/ . Use Them Rather Than Store Them Many congregations have accumulated a supply of older publications. Why not obtain copies for your personal theocratic library? Of course, likely you already have access to the contents of some of these older publications in Watchtower Library. However, there are benefits to having a hard copy too. Are you studying with a progressive Bible student? Then encourage him to obtain these older publications and begin building his personal library. The Theocratic Ministry School overseer should make sure that the Kingdom Hall library contains any older publications that the congregation has in stock. These publications still have value. It is better for us to make use of them than to leave them at the congregation’s literature counter! . . .

    . . . . Atlantis

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  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    The Society knows that very few JWs are going to read these older publications... They really just want to clear out their old liter-a-trash and hopefully generate some revenue at the same time (assuming the friends don't forget to drop in a few dollars before walking away with their "spiritual treasures")...

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