How Does One Get The Study Articles For The Wt Study?

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  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    This might seem a silly question but I have not been to a Watchtower study in 28 years so am unfamiliar with the latest set up. The study Watchtower magazines are not printed anymore as they are available only on the internet, as electronic editions.

    OK. So how does one actually bring or get a printed copy for the study? Is one expected to print his/her own individusl copy, or are they available at the desk for those who can't print these? If someone does not have access to a computer, how does he or she do pre-study, underlining the appropriate paragraphs to answer? Do friends print these prior to the study for these people, or what?

    Also the "Our Kinfdom Ministries", are they still being printed, or are they only available as e-editions as we get them here?

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    There are now two editions printed, the study edition and the public edition. The study edition in printed form is available only at the KH. You can however download it in all its glory from JW.ORG. You can then print it out, use it to light the fire, paper the walls, use it for cat litter or even read it. Now one edition per month with usually four study articles.

  • Chariklo

    For "study edition" read "cult indoctrination issue".

    Watchtower"study" bears no relation whatsoever to real study.

    Increasingly it seems to me important to stop accepting the cult misuse of words.

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    That is interseting. I did not know that the Study editions of the Wt magazine came out in two editions. One an electronic edition from the Net, AND a printed edition available at the local KH.

    Does a Watchtower Follower need to pay for this or is he allowed to just take it and hopefully reimburse the publishers in the contribution box?

  • jgnat

    Contributions are voluntary.

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