Completely and Utterly Pissed Off

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  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    I had a surprise visit this afternoon from my recently-divorced Filipina wife. Her relationship with new boyfriend is not going so well. I made her a coffee, was non-committal. She held out the hook and her not inconsiderable charms, and is no doubt trying to keep all possible options open.

    But all general negative opinions about Filipinas were put away when I read this news story:

    A 28 year old Filipina was killed by a drunk driver as she swept the pavement at 0640 am. Never mind, the authorities hope to sort it out so that the killer can spend Xmas with his family.

    I lived in CY 2005-2010. I had a Filipina girlfriend as well as a later Filipina fiancee who became my wife. IME, Cypriots saw Filipinas as slaves/concubines. Misogynistic, xenophobic bastards.

    I have e-mailed the Phils Consul in CY, who is a switched-on US educated woman to see if there is a fund to repatriate/support this lady. I don't hold my breath for a reply.

    Cyprus is going down the pan as the most bankrupt of the eurozone countries. Right now, I think it serves it right.

    Sorry for the rant.

  • Glander

    luv da pill-a-pino pipples

  • moshe
  • Scott77

    Joe Grundy,

    Sorry for the pain. I think the rant is justified. It amazes me that regardless of the mistreatment your ex- did to you including a near fatal knife attack, there is a spirit of kindness on your part for her. Honestly, had I been in your shoes, this could have been my end of everything with her. It looks like she has compared you with her new BF and found out you are way much better.


  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    I posted this elsewhere, but it's worth putting it here too for the avoidance of doubt.

    Thanks for the response.

    I should make it clear that while I am a little bit stupid some of the time, or even quite a lot stupid quite a lot of the time, I am not stupid enough any of the time to get involved with my ex-wife again, however compelling her charms may be.

    She's practising (I think) what seems to me to be a common trait in SEA ladies in finding and keeping open, options. Sorry for the generalisation, I can only comment from my experience.

    What prompted my post was the Cyprus Mail story and just how badly SEA workers (and others) are treated in what is an EU country. I won't go on about it here (I have, and continue to do so, elsewhere).

  • moshe

    In America those gone wrong foreign brides can really take a bite out of your wallet- when you agree to sponsor someone to come to the USA, you also agree they won't be a financial burden to the USA for 10 years-meaning, if they sign up for any welfare benefits, the govt can go back to the sponsor and recoup the money they gave to their ex-wife, who dumped them as soon as she obtained permanent residency after 2 years. Bummer.

  • 144001

    <<< sips coffee

    Time to try out some ladies from these shores. You don't have to shop overseas to be disappointed. "Made in America" disappointment can be just as diappointing as any disappointment obtained from overseas sources!

  • jookbeard

    possibly another Philly worker killed she waited for her bus in London yesterday,

    edit Ecuadorian

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