So we finally got a visit from some sisters today after a year of inactivity

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  • thecrushed

    The wife and I were having a pleasant Saturday afternoon doing a deep clean of the house when low and behold I hear the doorbell and strangely I had a strange sense that It was some witnesses or elders. Thank goodness it was only 2 sisters I know. One is an elders wife and the other a long time pioneer and 4-5 Gen JW family. When I answered they asked to speak with my wife but she was no where to be found and it seemed as if she CHOSE to not hear the door ring. I made some small talk with the sisters but was careful not to invite them in. They were very confused by my happy and content appearance. I guess they expected me to be all down in the dumps.

    After they left my wife comes in and I say, you just missed the 2 sisters that came to the door hun. Where were you hiding at??" She threw that in my face and said she wasn't the one hiding from the friends! She swears she never knew they were there and maybe she didn't but it seemed suspicious to me that she was just in the back loading the laundry but didn't hear our loud ass doorbell ring. The rest of the afternoon she was very pissed off and gloomy. I ignored her little pitty party and continued to be loving and conversational with her till she finally settled down with a glass of wine and settled the F*&^* down.

    Am I doing the right thing by not indulging her in her pissy moods when something reminds her that she is still a JW and that her husband will have nothing to do with the religion anymore? It's uncanny how fast my day goes to shit when the Jdubs show up to encourage (guilttrip).

  • LostGeneration

    Crushed sending you a PM...

  • moshe

    You are kicking the can down the road- at some point you will tire of the dumb act you played on those sisters.

  • shamus100

    Believe you me, they aren't your 'sisters'.

  • LisaRose

    I think it is possible she actually didn't hear the doorbell. I don't blame you for not wanting to hunt her down, but that doesn't make her guilty of avoiding the JWs who stopped by. You did well to remain neutral and friendly, there will likely to be other occasions, just keep on being neutral and friendly,don't give her an excuse to make you be the bad guy. Honestly I think you need to back off and let her come to terms with this, it sounds like you enjoyed this a little too much. As Dr. Phil says, do you want to be right, or do you want to be loved?

  • LV101

    You have some real strength by ignoring the bad (behavior) and rewarding the good w/our wifey-poo. Good puppy training 101 and she obviously was flooded emotionally knowing old friends/acquaintances, whatever, were there to see her regardless of the fact they're witnesses and enemies (in reality) now. It's difficult dealing with them and I sure wish they weren't working in my FAV stores ruining my shopping trips. You cannot believe what goes thru my mind and I have to continuously hit myself in the head w/commands to be kind, considerate, loving --- bla bla.

    Jus my two cents.


  • LV101

    ooops -- meant YOUR wifey-poo.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    set up.

  • moshe

    good catch- set up, wifey knew they were coming to talk to her hubby? Possible

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