Some History About Your "Conservative" Ancestors

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  • metatron

    This is from a University of Louisville archive. It is a "sporting guide" for Union veterans , widely advertised in that day.

    Do I have to explain the ads? Gimme a Time Machine so I can visit 'Jew Louie's' !

    Morals are "worse and worse"? Baloney!


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Very interesting. Such a booklet could not be printed in the US today.

  • kurtbethel

    Oh yeah. "Sporting" was a term for gambling and other vices. There are still guides around for such establishments. My brother had one about the brothels in Nevada when he was driving a long haul truck.

    Conservatism and a prospering "sin" industry go hand in hand.

  • NewChapter
    Morals are "worse and worse"? Baloney!

    LOL. I know. We went and gave up slavery, segregation, gave women equal rights, quit working our children in dangerous factories----what's wrong with us. We used to have such good morals!

    I was reading a book about Margerie Kemp, a woman who went on pilgrimages in the middle ages. Her account is special, because it was the only well-documented life of a WOMAN (ugh----who would have thought anyone would have cared). Any way, she had a priest write out her life story for her, but the book supplemented with extra information about these holy pilgrimages. They had a pamphlet they could buy that would teach you how to say something like, "Pretty woman, will you share my bed tonight." Which was okay, because if you died on pilgrimage, you went straight to Heaven, and if you lived, you were absolved of all sin.

    I recently got into a discussion on this board where someone was lamenting the downward spiral that society was on. I understand the sentiment, as the news was full of some disturbing things that week, however it is not the reality. This is not a decline. I'm glad I live today in this wretched society than risk being stoned for not being a virgin, or being burned for being a witch cuz I was too smart or outspoken. And I'm glad I can vote, and I'm glad we don't have government (and church) sanctioned slavery.

    And guys were always guys---and women were always women---and all the rest was window dressing and make-believe tv programs that never presented the reality.

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy


    I'm a bit shocked, TBH.

    You're a witch and not a virgin? Not sure that I can continue this bad association!


    A guy.

  • NewChapter
    You're a witch and not a virgin? Not sure that I can continue this bad association!

    Your loss!

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    Probably would be!

  • Vidiot

    I'm up for some "association", Chappy...

  • Terry

    I don't get why your topic TITLE says "Conservative".

    Check your history. It is verifiably false.

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