It's Not What You Know...

by Socrateswannabe 9 Replies latest jw friends

  • Socrateswannabe

    ...Because most of what people are searching for is unknowable!

    The more I use my brain instead of let the WTS do my thinking for me, the more I believe that it's impossible to identify truth. I think we're capable only of identifying what is not true. How many absolutes (beyond physics and mathematics) are there, I mean, at least in the realm of spiritual beliefs? As much blustering as the WTS does about how the bible is a book of provable truth, their arguments always boil down to faith, which really means the suspension of reason.

    I'm going to stop chasing truth and simply try to eliminate what is untrue from my belief system, and see where that gets me. Is this your approach or what works for you?

  • Satanus

    It has worked well for me. As well thought habits can block a person from seeing. Suspending thought(s) is revealing, sometimes. Ego is another obstacle.


  • thecrushed

    preservation of ego is what drives the need for an afterlife IMO. The more Zen you are the more happy you will be.

  • Honeybucket

    This is what I am doing also, I elimated religion.. and the existance of god, the devil. Im now looking into other beliefs and I too will try to debunk them

  • goatshapeddemon

    We took the same approach... Be warned, it led straight into hands down agnosticism - not what you would have expected from two extremely zealous pioneers. :-S

  • goatshapeddemon

    Honeybucket - Yes, exactly. But we're agnostic because we can't conclusively prove that there isn't a god either.

  • moshe

    It is also advantagous to know the difference between fact and personal opinion.

  • clarity

    It is such a relief, ... not to know everything!

    Trying to know ... was a 'no win' situation.


    The Watchtower's types & antitypes, literal & symbolic

    interpretations, just about drove me nuts!

    Trying to remember who pictured who in the

    last days ...omg! Agonizing years of that $hit!


    Now I'm fine with not knowing everything,

    don't care.....

    I know what I like & it feels sooooo good!


  • Socrateswannabe

    Thank you for your responses!

    @ Honeybucket and Goatshapeddemon: Yes, so true. My studies have taken me toward being agnostic. For me it is the only approach right now that makes sense, as really nothing related to god can be certain. SURELY though, if there is a god, he can't possibly be the god of the bible. Let us hope not. I would say he would be considerably more benign and benevolent than that.

    @Moshe: As in the personal opinion of the GB which becomes the personal opinion of 7 million JWs when it is revealed to them? I agree!

    @Clarity: I now think of how arrogant I was, along with my fellow JWs, to declare "the Truth" to poor, ignorant householders and bible students. You are so right, it is really a burden to think you know all and to then have to teach it to others. Actually reading the bible cover-to-cover convinced me that no one (aside from those on acid) could correctly "interpret" that jibberish, and no loving god would have presented the truth in such a ridiculous way!

  • goatshapeddemon

    Yeah, @socrates - we've concluded that there may be a god, but he's the god of all mankind (which explains the similarities in religious traditions) as opposed to the "god of the bible".

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