How Horrible Are Politicians? "Gladio"!

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  • metatron

    The BBC once did a 3 part series of careful research and interviews about Operation "Gladio".

    It was a huge conspiracy in Europe in the '80's and '90's in which the CIA and European security officials callously performed mass murders and blamed them on leftists they wanted to discredit.

    They targeted women, children - ordinary citizens - to create a climate of fear and manipulate public opinion.

    If you think I'm crazy, watch the BBC series yourself and do some research.

    You need to understand how the world really works - and just how psychopathic many leaders can be.

    Does it seem off-topic? Probably, but I suspect that leaders like Knorr and Franz manipulated things like the blood issue the same way, in their own time.


  • Honeybucket

    remember, remember the 5th of november

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