Ooops it's happened

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  • Skbj

    I just had my first victim...where I went symbollically ape (in a good way) on as he tried to be a JW apologist.

    Have to say I feel bad because he's young and I brought down on his ass some real talk, did not spare anything we ended up highjaking a friend's Facebook wall lol!

    All the information I've assimilated this past 6 weeks in here had to come out somewhere, he got it good lol. However he's not JW but has lots of his family in and unfortunately for him he opened Pandora's Box. I replied a half dozen time and each time buried his ass but I kept saying research...I hope after all said and done he and anyone who'll read the posts will listen....seeing my friend also said he does study the bible with JW now and then (which I didn't know till today), and look up all of the things I told them about.

    Bah, I shall put down this to good training if I ever get to have a face to face with my family.

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