"Homeland" a big dud...

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  • Glander

    I will express my opinion-

    bad acting (how many times can Claire Danes roll her eyes instead of acting?)

    storyline not believable (Brody really fell in love with her? She is a hound compared to his wife)

    ambiguous story line, Brody is a brainwashed terrorist mole or ...not? I really don't care anymore.

    I won't bother with the next season.

  • minimus

    I disagree.

  • minimus

    Claire was pregnant so her eyes popped out a lot.

    Brody's wife was the most vanilla person on TV. She was boring and when she took her top off, I was disappointed.

    The storyline is farfetched but never dull.

  • cofty

    Last episode of season 2 on UK Channel 4 on Sunday - please don't spoil it.

  • Giordano

    We watched the entire first season (library copy) and while it started well enough and I really liked the four or five main players it really dropped off for me and my wife. I really came to dislike the Clair Danes character.

    They started jumping the shark here and there, doing things that really didn't make much sense and it broke the spell of the drama.

    In my opinion it was over rated, lacked energy and was needlessly mopey.

  • minimus

    Another reason why America is superior. lol

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