Watchman Nee

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  • robB

    Have any of you exJDubs who are now real Christians, every read Watchman Nee? I am reading the Spiritual Man. It has some interesting points to consider, but honestly, I think the 3 volume set has more words than the NT.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    who's that?

  • Satanus

    Sorry, for responding from the nonchristian arena. I did read quite a bit of his spiritual man book, when i was a christian. I must say i enjoyed it, at the time. Can't remember what i read. It was about 15 yrs ago.


  • Hortensia
    you exJDubs who are now real Christians

    shaking head -- thinking about who decides what is a "real" christian, and something about frying pan and fire

  • robB

    There is something more to the Christian life then saying your grace and trying to be a better person. How does one go about living by the Spirit? How does one worship in spirit? These questions are rhetorical for this forum. What was started by the spirit, will be completed by the Spirit, or Paul's lying to us in Galatians.

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