Governing Body Not Getting Any Good Head Because of Sexual Repression Causing Increase in Disfellowshipping Among Rank and File

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  • frankiespeakin

    OK it not just about the Governing Body not giving or getting any good oral, it's about repression of sex drives, and shadow projections(jungian).

    The Governing Body are rule oriented, that's what they do best make rules, rules about sex, nakedness, sexy cloths, crossdressing, what is proper sex for a christian, what is loose conduct, anal sex, oral sex, what is a bad word, the list goes on and on......I need not even mention forbiding Masturbation for deaf members of it cult ,and lets not forget the indoctrination of little children and how to view there private parts and poper touching(that's what control freaks do). Strong attention is given to sex but mostly in a negative Deity centric hatred bent viewpoint.

    Recent Elder's School show the Governing Body want to see less mercy and more disfellowshipping, encouraging younger more hard line elders to ignore the sentementality of more mercy inclined older elders.

    This means they are suppressing thier sex drives into what Jung would call the Shadow, and then projecting this shadow in thier world view outside to something they consider evil, and so they are in effect shadow boxing fighting thier repressed desires which they have projected to the ouside world. That is why they have taken up a merciless stand against sex outside the proper bounds of a bronze age Deity's decree,(or what they imagine to be his decree).

    The more the repression the more they hate the projected Shadow.

    In the Governing Body's collective mind only the bad guys get thier dicks sucked or asses fucked,( of thier projected shadow).

    So please correct me where I'm wrong but this is what I have concluded:

    The Governing Body are all collectively in a delusion of wishfully beleiveing they are God Almighty's Loyal messengers to the world and under great pressure from sexually repressed drives projected outward to be hated and faught against. They will increase thier fight the more they repress it,, which means the more sex starved they are the more merciless they will be towards those they project thier shadow on.

  • 00DAD

    So if I understand you right, you're saying that the cure to the problems of the WTBTS is that the GB members all need to get laid!

    If only it were that simple.

  • frankiespeakin

    Well I'm not saying they have to go out and visit a paid profesional escort. It could possibly help but likely to cause more hatred of the shadow through denial, they need to be honest with themselves it is the only way to treat this thing, more denial more shadow boxing.

    A good sex therapist might help though.

    I wonder what a sex therapist would say about any members being Analy retentive? Bend over?(just joking but who knows)

  • frankiespeakin

    Hey that would make a good youtube production:

    "Governing Body goes to a Sex therapist about being too anal and wants to know what the cure is?" SNL type thing


    Governing Body Sponsered Safe Sex Video with some of the not so over hill Body members in starring roles.

    That would definately change things there at bethel and abroad.

    Dr. Ruth on Anal sex:

    Dr. Ruthy

  • frankiespeakin
  • Larsinger58

    Sad. The bible does not condemn masturbation, but encourages it (along with appropriate thoughts, i.e. marital) to control sexual urgest that may get out of hand and lead to fornication. See 1 Thess 4:3-8.

  • Vidiot

    Authoritarian regimes hate sex; they always have.

    Why? Because it's messy, fun, and makes you happy; all three interfere with the process of regime-building.

  • WTWizard

    Any individual or religion that trashes sex deserves to be trashed itself. Sex is actually undervalued in today's culture. We have repression that creates so much confusion--the real child molesters are the scumbags that teach children that sex is dirty and needs tight regulations under hell threats. They are even worse than the pedophiles, which are as often the same scumbags (and when they are, they are all that much worse). Not to mention, when you repress something too much, it is going to break out of control--increasing the chances of rape and pedophilia and the damage both do when they do happen.

    It is this very aspect of human existence being squashed that is one major reason I bash Judaism, Christi-SCAM-ity, and Islam so much. All three are guilty of regulating sex and forcing such regulations on the masses. This is why you see gender-separated toilets (instead of just going in the bushes as animals do). This is why you need gender-specific changing rooms for fitting clothing, instead of changing in areas where people can look in. When they make a big deal out of these things, you create major problems. If a big deal wasn't made out of these issues, it would be hardly a disturbance to see someone using the bushes as a toilet (any more than for a dog or squirrel, which happens all the time).

    Worse, when the witlesses make an even bigger deal out of it, they amplify the problems. Teaching someone that masturbation is a dirty habit is molesting whatever children might hear it. They make rules about dating that are no good. Homosexuals and bisexuals get the short end of the deal, and that too is vile. What happens to the person that goes through a period of being gay, or is generally "straight" but is attracted to a same-sex person for a time? Or, with fornication--that is nothing worse than test-driving a car you wish to buy. Through fornication, you get to know whether you are even compatible. If not, you can call off the engagement (or just remain casual about it) without ongoing costs. You might be undecided--fornication is the only way to know for sure you are making the right choice and will not later regret it. And the conduct between married couples? Why restrict oral sex? What goes on in the bedroom is none of anyone else's business. And the endless restrictions between holding hands during prayers have to go.

    For their roles in dirtifying sex, shame on the Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Shame on the leaders of all three religions for creating these hang-ups in society. I wouldn't mind seeing this crap resulting in the wholesale and permanent destruction of all three of these paradigms, since they are all guilty.

  • cyberjesus

    thanks for the link..

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