gripes i have always had about CO's

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  • nowwhat?

    i hate it when the CO viits the sister congregation and a hundred publishers in our hall have to change our meeting schedule to accomodate his schedule. why can't he adopt his scheddule to the congregation he's viisting?

    we are not allowed to have day off but he gets mondays and most of tueday off.

    it could be snowing or pouring down rain on a saturday but we are expected to go out to support the CO.

    even though the apostle paul worked as a tentmaker so he wouldnt be a financial burden on the brothers why couldnt the CO work part time on mondays? not practical you say? well like they tell us "it will be a challenge but with with Jehovah's spirit it can be done"

  • moshe

    I wonder how many retired CO's who didn't have wealth in the bank are happy with their measly Social Security checks, due to limited secular earnings? - I hope they can find an appropriate retirement home where the need is greater, so they can keep busy in the Work-

  • hoser

    What I hate is many are back stabbers. They lack the courage to tell it to your face and they go behind your back to make their "counsel" known or

    use one of the elders to do their dirty work

  • Jim_TX

    RE: changing the schedule for the meetings during his visit -

    I think I remember asking that question, many years ago (or someone did). The response was that they needed to keep the CO's weekly schedule as constant as possible, or as same as possible - or some such drivel.

    Of course... it's perfectly fine to disrupt an entire congregation of over 100 people, and make them have to change their schedule's to accomodate the one person (well, 2 if you count his wife).

    Waaay back in the day, they used to live out of smallish airstream-type mobile homes that got pulled behind their Buicks. I figured that they got the short end of that deal any way you slice it, having to live the life of a gypsy.

  • happytobefree

    I don't see why it was so unreasonable. This was their full time job and the traveling had to be very helping them keep a constant schedule and a little normalcy was not too hard for the rank and file (I actually enjoyed the different was like a vacation for me). And having a day off was probably very necessary to keep their health and sanity.

    ....I really do not believe the WTBS and have a strong HATE sometime....but isn't this just being a little picky. These people are human.

  • moshe

    One measly day off!! It's not like anyone in the KH volunteered to do their laundry for them.

  • blondie

    One, they change it to Tuesday to start out what they consider a week of field service, morning, afternoon (used to be Wednesday evenings in days gone by. ) Even if there were only one congregation in the KH, the meetings switch to Tuesday.

    Two, Mondays, and Tuesday pre-meeting. My experience with COs is that some have/had quite a distance to travel between congregations especially out west in the US. I knew one that traveled 100 to 200 miles between stops. Besides traveling, there's time the CO is required by the WTS to spend doing reports on the previous congregation and look at the records of the next one. In this area while an apartment is provided, they have to shop for food on those days, cook, clean, have their vehicle repaired if necessary, do laundry, drycleaning, stay in contact with family and friends, and even spend personal time with his spouse, tweak talks (especially if it is the first congregation or two on the list). Did I mention any recreation..........?

    In my day there was a meeting was held on Saturday night, New Things Learned.

    I have a question though, do they switch all 3 meetings (Bible Study, School, Service Meeting) to Tuesday? What meeting(s) are held on Thursday? There used to be a talk after the book study that night. Is there still a talk after the meetings on Tuesday by the CO?

  • Quarterback

    Their weekly work sthedule is demanding for sure.

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