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    I have amazing gun control. I only aim at something that is legal to shoot, hit the target, and in some cases eat what I shot (I shoot paper targets and cans). When I am done, I put trigger locks on the weapon and lock it in a safe with the keys to the trigger locks in another safe. When I teach my son to shoot, he has to resight gun safety topics like ... 1. A gun is always loaded. 2. A gun can kill and I do not point it at anything I do not want to kill. 3. This is a weapon and not a toy. He has shoot shotguns, AR15, pistols, and even hunted. My son does not ask to play with them, touch them and marvel at them. He knows they are serious business and even though he plays Call of Duty, he knows that is a game and just like Donkey Kong is not real, that game is not real. I am not training a killer, I am training a person who will understand what proper gun control is and what responsiblity is.

    Here is a measure though, I purpose....

    1. Add to the background check of a gun buyer. Does anyone in your household have mental illness or a medical condition that could result in an uncontrolable action connected to a mental or physical disability. If so, then the gun can not be purchased.

    Anyway, a gun does not have motive and does not grow arms and legs and go and kill. It is never about gun control, it is about mental illness!!! Want to stop violence, help the mentally ill and do not just put them on disablity checks and hope all is fine. Lock away the possible violent and keep weapons out of their households. Blaming the gun, is like blaming the car driven by the drunk driver.

  • free2beme

    The problem is, people want gun control and have no clue of the laws in place that exist.

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