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  • Gothicus

    Have you noticed whether the overall volume of people singing during the songs has dropped?

  • sarah-is-free

    crappy songs

  • DarkFireWolf

    Yeah, on Tuesday night meetings it usually isn't that loud since not that many people come anyways.There's also the fact that there's a new songbook and new lyrics so when you don't know the words, you usually just mumble or hum along which happens almost regularly.

  • jam

    Corious, what are the some of the titles of the new songs?

    I have been out since 1987.They can,t be that uninspiring. LOL

  • Splash

    Songbook (large print - lyrics only):

    I could only count 8 songs which mention the slave class / anointed congregation / brothers taking the lead, and only 49 songs about obeying / supporting / following / being loyal.

    My personal favourites are advocating the ministry and some key teachings:

    47 - Declare the Good News

    97 - Forward! You Ministers of the Kingdom!

    17 - Forward you Witnesses!

    103 - "From House to House"

    10 - "Here I Am Send Me"

    101 - Making Known the Kingdom Truths

    92 - Preach the Word

    44- Sharing Joyfully in the Harvest

    98 - Sowing Kingdom Seed

    55 - Life Without End - At Last!

    116 - The Light Gets Brighter

    125 - Loyally Submitting to Theocratic Order

    And the best one of all:

    120 - Listen, Obey and be Blessed!


  • BroMac

    yes. unless it has a familiar tune from the old book. any new songs should now be familiar as it has been a few years now. I put this down to being bad songs with impossible melodies and terrible lyrics. never catch on. It does not feel like worship when the congregation is mumbling through and dropping their books down in frustration and looking at everyone else because they cant get it.

  • hoser

    Most of the songs are just poorly written

  • wasblind

    I can have fun with this

    47- Declare the Good News_________________ you will be destroyed

    103- From House to House__________________ Resides a mouse " CLICK "

    101- Making known the Kingdom Truths__________ The latest edition

    116- The light Gets Brighter___________when we turn the other off

    55- Life without End- At Last!__________ Oops, not yet


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