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  • noni1974

    How do you feel about it after the JW's?? Personally, I was never much of a fan of volunteering for anything. I just didn't understand what people got out of it. I mean doing work for free?? Seriously?? Then I joined Phi Thetta Kappa the Honors society for 2 years schools and I helped wrap christams gifts for homeless people last Christmas and this Christmas. I found out what people get out of it. I got a sense of fufilment and pure joy from giving from myself. Not my money, just my time and effort. I had a blast really if I am honest.

    Now, I am also in the Honors Program at my school and my school changed it last year to include service project/community service and Honors Program activities in order to graduate with full Honors. This semester I finished all the required course work in Honors classes and now I need to meet these other requirements in order to graduate with Full Honors. The probelm I have run into is the lack of acceptable Honors program service opportunities. I believe the requierment is 26 hours of volunteering and about 16 hours of activities.

    I finally found a way to get my hours I need and help others as well. This (MLK day in the US) January 21, I will help paint a school in my local school district. It's a project that is run by City Year Cleveland and they are seeking volunteers from the community to "give a day" instead of getting a day off on the holiday. I think it will be fun, mostly because I haven't painted anything really and I will learn how to paint, plus I will be giving time to help a school in need of a fresh look. I will also get to claim some hours as part of my service requirement for my Honors Program. I also gave the person getting people to sign up a very good contact at my school to get more volunteers to help. I gave him the name of the Dean of Honors and Experencial learning at my school. The man in charge of the Honors program, since he is always looking for sactioned volunteer projects to help us get the required hours we need to graduate with Honors.

    I also have the opportunity to volunteer on my spring break as well. There is going to be something to do everyday that week.

    Personaly I recomend volunteering as much as you can. Every little bit helps.

    I know as JW's they really didn't want anyone to do anything like this. They thought all your spare time should be spent going in service. Allthough they call that "service" it really only serves them spreading their disease.

    Do you feel any different about volunteering since you left, faded, were DF/DA ed??

  • Glander

    I have found volunteering a real test of commitment, but worth while in the end. Seems to me that living in a small community, where you know people as individuals, makes it easier.

    Those who are opportunists are always a problem, but what can you do when they swim amongst the truly helpless?

    Better to be on the side of the weak than turn your back on everyone.

  • Balaamsass

    I love it. Now it is not because "GOD" is going to kill me if I don't. I do about 5 hrs a week because I want to. I also enjoy "Witnessing" to JWs the truth about the truth....should I turn in a Publisher slip to someone...? Should I count it in 15 minute increments?

  • mamochan13

    absolutely agree, Noni. I started volunteering at university, too. It was a new experience (and I started university in my 40s), but I loved it. Got involved in all kinds of interesting university committees, helping students, etc. It was awesome.

    Then I joined my local mental health association and served on the board for many years. It was profoundly fullfilling. It is so satisfying to be part of a group of people who are trying to actually make a difference in a real way. Unlike when I was part of JWs, where our version of "making a difference" was to go door to door and preach death and destruction.

    I should add, though, that I volunteered even while a JW. I just kept it low-key. But I got into trouble. My mom was livid at the time I spent in a local cultural organization. But my husband, my daughters and I loved doing it and I didn't care what anyone thought. Perhaps I was already moving out.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I do.

    I am on the local 'progress commitee' working towards preserving and displaying the localities history and am also the editor of the local news letter (more pages than the watchtower i might add).

    Why? Because its a great area and a nice way to try and give back som of the love shown to us by the locals, because its a good way to socialize as well.

    Sure beats the hell out of the WT version of community service!


  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    I volunteer now because for one, I have extra time, or at least make the time for it. As an active JW, I felt it was often looked down upon and so I avoided it.

    After I opened my eyes to TTATT, I began to volunteer in the community through my job and found I really enjoyed it.

    My last sheperding call earlier this year from the elders made me think. I asked why, if I was willing to help in the congregation, I had to meet guidelines that weren't in the Bible. One elder asked me a rhetorical question - Did I consider myself exemplary?

    Well that made me think. But rather than move me to do more time wasting for the org, it made me do more in the community. Why? During any volunteer event in the community I have not once been asked if I consider myself to be exemplary. I've done it purely out of what I feel in my heart and not because I am chasing some dream or position.

    The efforts in volunteering I have offered has been welcomed and I have never been dismissed because of not being exemplary. It does not even seem to be a thought amongst normal people asking for help.

    Sorry WTBTS.


  • designs

    It gives you the sense that you are taking care of tomorrow and the many tomorrows to come.

    Tous les Matins du Monde

  • cobaltcupcake

    It's the one thing that I always wanted to do when I was a JW, and it infuriated me that they kept telling us that field circus was the best way to "serve" the community.

    I got a chance to help out at a GED-preparation program for a few months, working with the students (who were doing self-study) on whatever they were learning.

    If you can get involved with a "Hands On" program in your city, they have tons of projects that you can help with.

  • cofty

    Yes I've done a lot of volunteering since leaving the borg. Its been a lot of fun, I've met a lot of great people and had a few rewards. I would recommend volunteering to anybody who can.

    Last year I was presented with a "Long Term Service to Sport" award by Olympic gymnast Craig Heap.

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