Watchtower's Armageddon vs Sandy Hook

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  • LostGeneration

    Slidin Fast made a great post yesterday about the elephant in the room, the fact that the WT teaches millions of innocent six and seven year olds are doomed to die if their version of Armageddon comes about.

    That coupled with a brief, stupid conversation with my JW father this morning where he asserted "We really need Jehovah's Kingdom" in response to the shooting led me to investigate how many six and seven year olds would be killed at Armageddon.

    According to there are about 243 MILLION six and seven year olds alive in the world. All of them doomed to die, according to WT theology. (Well, lets give them 1 million JW kids, even though that probably covers all JW kids, not just 6-7 year olds)

    Some numbers to chew on.....

    242 million vs 20 kids killed at Sandy Hook. Armageddon genocide would be 12 million times worse for six and seven year olds.

    The largest football stadium in the US is the "Big House" located at the University of Michigan. It holds 110,000 people on game day.

    If the Watchtower Armageddon were to happen, this stadium would have to be filled 2,200 times to capacity with children six and seven years old, and then systematically slaughtered.

    "We really need Jehovah's Kingdom!"

  • confusedteenager


    But logically they would argue that God can read hearts and would find a way to spare those innocent Children...right?

  • sd-7

    Maybe. But if the parents don't accept the message, the children die, too, as they did in the Flood, so that negates that argument.

    I doubt most JWs are actually thinking about just what would happen if the Armageddon they are told about actually happened. Thinking of parents watching their children melting away, infants dying in cribs, cleaning up the bones and debris and finding the tiny skulls and wondering what sort of life this child would have had if Armageddon didn't happen just then.

    I'm guessing they assume God will wipe out the PTSD that would surely result from that scenario...or they're really so cold as to be just fine with that series of events. Or more likely, they haven't thought it through.


  • LostGeneration


    That is an argument that you will hear from JWs, but it is NOT a WT teaching. As far as I know there is NOTHING in print that states what you state, but JWs say that to soothe their conscience.

    If it were true, there would be hundreds of millions of children living through Armageddon around the world, (along with a few million JWs)

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