The Governing Body: Magic Priests for the Mind of God

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  • Terry

    As civilization has advanced, one after another areas of magic, mysticism, superstition and myth

    have been blown away by rational investigation, testing, measuring, reasoning and recording data. In other words: Scientific Method.

    There are three areas for knowledge, roughly speaking: 1. Mystery 2.Guesswork 3.Proof by evidence

    The first two, Mystery and Guesswork are the jurisdiction of BELIEF. The last one, Evidence, is not.

    The last stand of the "believer" is the miraculous: the as yet unexplained.

    The source of "miraculous" so-called knowledge is very much like a Magic Trick performed by a Magician.

    The impossible and the awesome are produced to amaze and dazzle and the audience is dumb-founded and thrilled!

    The Magician has hidden knowledge and the audience does not.

    The hidden information is always a TRICK. To the UNsophisticated mind it is a MIRACLE.

    Among Jehovah's Witnesses there is an esoteric group of Magicians called the Faithful and Discreet Slave. There is a tiny nucleus of this cabal who have

    access to hidden mystery. In fact, these are magicians of the Ultimate source of all knowledge: God's own mind! These are Mystics!

    The Mystic has a source of power you are cut off from and they run a Protection Racket like mobsters in Al Capone's era.

    You must listen and not speak. You must respect and not question. You must obey and not balk. You must pay for their services!

    You must buy their books and speak their language. You must turn away from all others who contradict them and make the skeptics your enemy!

    The mystic is practically a spirit. The flesh is only temporary. For a fee they will instruct you, enlighten you and tell you the "hidden", the "secret" and the sublime. You can attend their seminars, their classes, their Kingdom Halls and run errands for them to achieve the illusory bliss they promise.

    The Skeptic has no place in their jurisdiction. Watch and listen in wonder and awe and never raise a question requiring genuine testable proof!

    No no no no no....

    Priests demand unflinching respect. Mystics require a passive mind and an accepting attitude.

    The MYSTICS create their own language of vague non-meaning. The vocabulary of the Mystic contains words which mean what they want them to mean.

    Like the Cuckoo bird that lays its eggs in the other bird's nests.

    The Mystic hatches their progeny in your unconscious. You spread their Belief System and treat as your own.

    How to accept Mysticism:

    1.Accept allegations without evidence.

    2.Accept personal experiences (testimonials) instead of proof.

    3.Trust not your 5 senses. Disable YOUR thinking abiliity. Become a passive receiver.

    4.Claim as knowledge the non-sensory, non-rational, non-definable, non-identifiable.

    5.Start using words like "instinct", "intuition", "revelation" or "just knowing". Replace physical reality with "spirit" and "energy".

    6.Give up the One Reality and replace it with some other "reality" whose only definition is that it is NOT natural, but, SUPERnatural.

    7.Perceive your new nature, the supernature, with mystical means such as "prayer", "meditation", "divination", "ritual", contacting spirits, angels and channelers of Truth.

    8.Become one with the Mystic and his World View by asserting that everything is reducible to one's OWN CONSCIOUSNESS. View your own mind as the True Reality. View the concrete world of dirt, stones, air and physics as mere ILLUSION!

    9. Never view your emotions as involuntary physical sensations triggered by your deeply held VALUES---instead, view your emotions as SOURCES OF TRUTH! Don't rely on personal research, Trust your Gut instead!

    10.Proclaim that reality is not only whatever YOU want it to be, but, rely on your consciousness to actually CREATE any reality you choose for it! How? BY INSISTING through FAITH it is simply SO!

    Ignorance is often called "bliss". Why?

    Imagining carries with it no burden of proof. The universe can be the way you choose it to be.

    It is difficult to construct a myth around the known and all too easy around the unknown.

    The problem with the mysterious is that anybody can claim anything about it and market it as superior to ordinary knowledge.

    Just as each of us only has 24 hours in a day to work with----what we fill those hours with determines where we end up. Filling our thinking time is a choice which affects our life. Our choices stem from our style of thinking and what foundation we operate out of.

    Practical or Impractical thinking means useful or useless thinking. It may be the difference between success or failure. Understanding events in our world requires clarity and discernment. What does this mean? Avoiding ambiguity whenever feasible.


    Ambiguities of meaning

    The mystic interprets the world through a different lens than is present in ordinary experience, which can prove to be a significant obstacle to those who research mystical teachings and paths. Much like poetry, the words of mystics are often idiosyncratic and esoteric, can seem confusing and opaque, simultaneously over-simplified and full of subtle meanings hidden from the unenlightened. To the mystic, however, they are pragmatic statements, without subtext or weight; simple obvious truths of experience. One of the more famous lines from the Tao Te Ching, for instance, reads:

    My words are very easy to know, and very easy to practice;

    but there is no one in the world who is able to know and able to practice them. (Legge, 70)[4]

    References to "the world" are common in mystical and religious traditions including admonitions to be separate and the call to detachment which is analogous to emptiness. One key to enigmatic expressions lies in the perspective that "the world" of appearances reflects only learned beliefs - based on the limitations of time, culture and relationships - and that unquestioned faith in those misperceptions limits one's return to the divine state. The cloaking of such insights to the uninitiated is an age-old tradition; the malleableness of reality was thought to pose a significant danger to those harboring impurities.


    Everybody has a right to their own opinion NOT THEIR OWN FACTS (or their own reality).

    Reality is OBJECTIVE, not subjective.

    Otherwise, your boss could pay you in seashells and you could pump pigeon urine into your gas tank and get 200 miles to the gallon!

  • Terry

    The test we could perform on the inside knowledge of the Governing Body is a simple one.

    When the Governing Body makes a statement whose source is said to be Jehovah does reality bear out the truth of it?

    For example, if Pastor Russell said that such and such a date is marked as the date for the destruction of world powers--does that occur?


    The test is one of reality matching foretold mystical knowledge. If Pastor Russell had said, "God's dates--not ours" he would be identifying

    the source.

    If that date fails, Pastor Russell is saying Jehovahs fails.

    Interesting how a Mystic protects himself as he throws Almighty God under the bus!

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