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  • Ding

    Sometimes I find it hard to deal with all the different beliefs represented on JWN on all sorts of things. It seems there are always debates going on about everything -- the existence of God, the Trinity, the Bible, politics... you name it. As another year comes to a close, I thought I'd try to focus on things we share, things that draw us together.

    Here are several that come to mind. Feel free to add to the list:

    1. To varying extents, we bought into the WT system and thought it was the truth.

    2. We came to recognize that instead it was a system centered around a handful of men who keep changing what "the truth" is.

    3. We realized that the WT system is an endless treadmill of works where you're never good enough, you never do enough, and you're never grateful enough.

    4. We realized that the WT religion isn't true Christianity.

    5. We found out that in the WT system, "love" is conditional and loyalty to the organization is more important than people.

    6. We saw people who grew old and died despite having been taught that they would never grow old and die.

    7. When we tried to show other people that the WT emperor had no clothes, the WTS tried to isolate us and condemn us as opposers of the truth or apostates.

    8. On JWN, we meet a lot of other people who understand what we have gone through.

    9. We want to help each other overcome all the WT baggage and move forward to live happy, productive lives.

    10. Despite all our differences, we would rather spend time with each other than to sit in meetings where uniformity of thought is required or faked.

  • Pterist

    Well said, Ding !

  • wasblind


  • clarity

    Amen sure agree to that!

    Thanks for the reminder Ding


  • prologos

    were there any debaters at the kh? debates like we see the "world" doing on pbs? so there is a vriety of needs being met here thank you, from holding hands to comfort the needy-- to Terry etal driving the fine points of understanding. reace.

  • gorgia

    This is a lovely summary of what we all have in common Ding. Thank you.


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