Storing up treasures in heaven - when do we get to see them?

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  • truthseeker

    I often heard the phrase "store up treasures in heaven" but never really knew what it meant.

    If we're all going to be living on Paradise Earth, what good is it storing up treasures in heaven if we never get to see them?

    Or am I missing something here?

    It would make better sense if we were going to heaven after we finish our life here.

  • happy@last
    [email protected]

    I think it means scoring brownie points with god

  • wasblind

    My nieghbor holds fast to " storing your treasures in Heaven "

    when it comes to everybody but her

    everytime she want you to do somethin' for her

    she'll say " Gawd i'll bless ya " so I have to chuck it up

    to a stored blessin'

    That's her way of sayin' she not gonna pay you for ridin' out your gas

    Um hmn , how would she feel if her job told her they stored her pay check in heaven


  • moshe

    Wasblind, you need to switch cars, yours is too nice- here, borrow moshe's old service car for a week and you will have it all to yourself!

  • wasblind

    Hey Moshe check your PM

  • kepler

    In the New International Version


    Matthew 6:19-21

    "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.

    But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.

    For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."


    As near as I can tell, it says much the same thing in the NWT.

    But I can understand the concern. What with 144,000 administrators headed heavenward to manage such things, and a so-called remnant to remain down here on what is billed as a paradise earth, after an increasing number of administrative delays...

    Someday though, after those first prophetic hurdles have been overcome, you'll go out to your mailbox and you will be in for a surprise...

  • WTWizard

    Those so-called "treasures" are worthless. You give up everything now, and exchange it for points with the filthy angels. It is those monsters that actually keep score--think: The worst banks that maliciously hold your last mortgage payment on purpose, foreclose on your home because they never had record of your last payment, and then process it. That is how the angels work in keeping your "treasure" safe. In the meantime, your real treasure goes toward mass human enslavement.

    And yes, you can lose such "treasure(??)". You work your whole life on it, and make one mistake toward the end (perhaps you realize you had been cheated). At which point, the whole thing is lost in one blow. They mention that earthly treasure can be wiped out--usually not in one session. Earthly treasure does wear out. You can lose silver and gold because of burglars or simply losing them. Electronics go bad. Clothing and furniture wear out. However, you actually get the use of them while you still have them, and they don't wear out all at once. And if you take care of things, they will last much longer and give you better performance. Try that with heavenly "treasure(??)".

  • BroMac

    so if I got treasures in heaven, thats where my heart will be but I cant 'Live' in heaven?

    "The Home Is Where The Heart Is" must not be true.

  • DaCheech

    remember parading the people at the D.C's that had 100's of living recomendations? (people they studied and brought to baptism)????

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