Today : Knife-Wielding Man Injures 22 Children in China

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  • Perry
  • blondie

    Not a single post yet, eh, Perry. I guess the fact it was a knife and no one died (?) trumps other threads.

    True, you cannot begin to regulate knives like people try to regulate guns. And it is in China.

    I'm sad to see that in any way and any country, children are targets of violence.

  • trillaz
  • tec

    I don't understand that. The article mentions that there have been a few attacks on schools and children by people, and states that it might be because they had just lost their jobs or feel left out of the economic boom. But what does attacking children have to do with any of that?

    The gun killing from today... I can see the connection... if that was meant as an attack on his mother, and so her students and school might be -to him- an extension of her. It actually makes it more horrific to me, though I can see a connection, and at least the unbalanced line of thought. (I am speculating though)

    But the random attack on children... from multiple sources... this I do not get. Unless they see children as part of the problem in their lives, or something along those lines (too many people?). Or perhaps they see the children as having happiness and innocence that they do not have and so hate them for that?

    We can't stop things like this without understanding what drives them, and then fixing that, imo.

  • Perry

    I guess some people feel utter misery in their lives? They feel unsatisfied no matter what they have. They do not believe that there will be a judgment of their lives after they are gone, much less punishment. Life is meaningless. Many drink and smoke themselves to a slow death, those never make the news. A few take out the most innoncent among us to be vindictive?

    I'm just rambling ..... this is all just so far over the top, my brain can't get around this.

  • cofty

    There is no judgement after death - your desire for vengeance and rewards does not make it so.

    Most of us don't need threats of an afterlife to stop us killing children.

    My life is more meaningful because this is the only one I will ever have.

  • Perry

    There is most assuredly a judgment in the afterlife.

  • david_10

    Mebbe. But first, there has to be an afterlife..............I kinda doubt it. But one thing's for sure, though: Sooner or later, we're all going to find the answer to the ultimate question. But I think you're going to be disappointed in the answer.


  • cofty

    There is most assuredly a judgment in the afterlife.

    Evidence-free assertions are not very interesting Perry.

  • daniel-p

    Umm... losing your job and then deciding to go try to kill a bunch of kids is not a normal healthy reaction to stress. This man is insane, it is a sign of systemic untreated mental illness in their society, just as shooting in the US are.

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