Read This: A Scientology Apostate. Paul Haggis Director of Crash

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  • BroMac

    It is quite a lenghthy article. there are similarities in how his friends tell him 'there is no where else to go' and in the 'disconenction' v DF & DA

    lots more. I think I am in a cult (opens in new tab)

  • snare&racket

    Hey BM, great find.

    Have you ever watched the Jason Berghe youtube video about leaving scientology? It is an amazing watch, that church uses processes and manipulation in almost the EXACT same way as the JW's. Also the mechanisms of persuasion are so similar, not to mention the almost identical method of keeping the REAL truths out of the church, shunning, labelling of apostates, punishment and mental fear/anguish.

  • BroMac

    Jason Berghe gets a mention in the article. The story goes Paul Haggis wanted him to read a script for a part and Jason Berghe said he should know he is x-scientology and 'they' wouldn't like him being involved.. Paul Haggis said that no one tells him who can or cant be in his film. It goes on to mention about the Youtube video that Jason Berghe put out and he said to Paul Haggis that he recorded it just after getting out and he was very raw, "I'm much calmer now".

    I will watch his video, I dont think I know who he is or what he has been in... maybe I will recognise him.

    I thought the same as I read through his experience how similar the methods are but different labels to keep people in line. The Sea Org and Cadets sounds like a great place to spend the best years of your youth.

  • blondie

    I think that is Jason Beghe............He was recently in Chicago Fire as a crooked cop.

  • BroMac

    I watched a little of the youtube videos, he sounds vrry angry as would I if I paid 500k to a cult. "Clear" and they get migraines- migraines!?"

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