But Why????

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  • sherry11

    I have been out for twenty years and i still cannot get my head around why!

    I see the wealth of the organisation and yet I still cant get my head around the wealth and the religious factor and i ask myself 'why'? !

    I have read about the child abuse cases and i wonder about if WTBS insure themself over these matters.

    Who is getting rich!

    How do they use these riches?

    Who benefits?

    Its obviously not the rank and file. Over the years I have felt I can understand if there is one man at the top wallowing in luxury. But this doesnt seem to be the case. (AKA scarface)

    I decided to look back over my situation due to reading about Scientology which piqued my interest in going back to my own roots.

    Can anyone help me with Why and Who benefits materially?

    Still confused

  • Phizzy

    Those at the top of the WT benefit. Free meals and home, free energy costs, free healthcare, free laundry, free car, free air transport, free hotel or similar upon arrival. A number of top execs have a mansion to live in, or similar.

    The GB themselves benefit fom the 8 things I mentioned, at least, these are men with no real education or skills, no wonder they wish to perpetuate their life-style, they would have to be huge rock stars to have a better one.

    The other guys who benefit, Legal and Financial experts, have a client they can manipulate and who cannot do without them, and they don't have to fight for business, the WT supplies it all.

    You don't shoot a milch-cow all the time it produces.

    Money, that is "why".

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