IBSA taught that in 1914 God would destroy all the Govts.& kingdoms of the earth

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  • smiddy

    O f course it didn`t happen , 98 years later it still hasn`t happened . Throughout their 130+ history they have repeatedly stated that the end is" imminent" or" just around the corner ".

    What is it about the word" imminent" they don`t understand ?" Just" around the corner "? How big is this corner ?

    The real problem though is not what they said then , but the dishonesty is, what they now say what they said . and the internet can verify this very well .


  • Phizzy

    "The Truth is not something you should have to lie about".

    And yet, as you say Smiddy, the W.T do so all the time, writing revisionist history, being "economical" with the truth, and yet not learning from the mistakes of the past, knowing in fact, that the "End" is no more imminant than it was 130 years ago, nor will it be in 130 years time .

    The whole thing, from Russell down till our day, was founded on lies, and is maintained by lies, the irony is that they refer to it as the "Truth" !

  • Kojack57

    It's the true lie. Or total lie of which comes from the devil. After all, the WB&TS is guided and ran by Satan the father of the lie. That's why the G.B find it so easy to deceive the rank and file members because they are from their father the devil.


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