what will do more damage to WBTS Inc. Bizarre beliefs?, erring elders (shyster shepherds) or giant greed ??

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  • prologos

    notwithstanding the presence of sincere, honest, trusting, hardworking individuals, the overall effect of the org has cast a pall over many lifes. which one of the above will cause the more damage and damage to them and inflicted by whom?

  • Phizzy

    The burgeoning Paedophile scandal that is going to , rightly, bite them in the ass ,is going to have a big effect, the public will brush off JW's as the same as all the others, which fact JW's always try to hide.

    I think from that will come a closer scrutiny, charitable status will be challenged, and then the real biggie will surface, that they are not a real religion at all ! simply a Publishing/Real Estate Corporation, and hence a massive SCAM !

  • Kojack57

    Phizzy: couldn't agree more.


  • SAHS

    Probably not so much the bizarre beliefs but also the bizarre rules and regulations which are unique to the Jehovah's Witnesses - i.e., the prolific and cumbersome does and don'ts.

    With all the young ones leaving out the back door because of no Christmas, no birthdays - no normal holidays or celebrations of any kind - and the pressure to keep engaging in the tedious and grossly ineffecient method of field service preaching, all of which simply becoming too much for them to swallow - that ever growing mass exedous of such a seriously significant portion of their population will in the end be crippling.

    Yes, this steady decline in the number of members pitted against the number baptized will continue to be destabilizing and demoralizing, especially in the developed Western lands where the Internet provides a stark and illuminating spotlight on that little man behind the curtain. It's the power of thinking and reason itself which will eventually prevail over such illogical and self-serving structures of institutionalized servitude.

  • cobaltcupcake

    If the R&F found out about the pedophilia issue and how much of their hard-earned donations are flying out the window to cover the Society's a$$, I think they'd lose quite a few publishers.

  • Fernando

    The internet coupled with the indomitable human spirit's constant search for freedom, truth and progress.

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