Anybody watch the Louise theroux ? show on" Americas most hated family" ?

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  • smiddy

    At least I think that`s what it was called , and you think we as former witnesses had a problem , sheeeesh ,if I didn`t know any better I would have said" unbeleivable"

    Was it called the West Boro Baptist church ? I`m sorry I`m only going from memory here. However they picket funerals of soldiers who died serving their country ,with no thought for the families greiving . They are in your face ,affrontation ,against jews, homosexuals , Obama who was described as the ant-christ , and anybody who doesn`t agree with their interpretation of the scriptures .

    In some ways it was similar to the JW`s treatment of former members who have a different veiwpoint , a cold hearted cutoff from family, freinds,associates as if they never existed .

    They cant see that" THEY" have no natural affection for siblings, relatives, or close freinds ,who just dont see eye to eye with their beleif . Their shunning of family members was pathetic .

    So wer`e certainly not the only ones that are going through this .

    My heart goes out to the young ones who are indoctrinated into cults like this ,surely their must be an answer/response to this abuse .And abuse is what this is .

    Your thoughts please


  • Satanus

    I havn't seen this one. That theroux guy has a lot of cajones, some of the places he goes.


  • snare&racket

    It was done a while ago and i know at least one of the daughters got out. Shunned though.

    Louis is the best !

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    He's done a return visit as well. Nasty buggers. Christian Taleban. Their view of apostates is straight out of a Kingdumb Hall

  • etna

    I saw it and 2 of the kids are out. It was so interesting how Louis says so little but get the point across at how nuts they are. I don't know if anyone noticed how they belief in 144,000 being chosen, but are jews that open their eyes. Cult Cult Cult just like the JWS.


  • cedars

    Yes, I love those episodes. They are excellent for showing to an indoctrinated love one, because they clearly show the techniques of a cult in open use without mentioning Jehovah's Witnesses once.

    Here are my articles on the subject over on JWstruggle...


  • Listener

    I've only just started watching Louis' shows, he presents them very well.

    I saw the show and was shocked at how the kids are indoctrinated and made to join in the protesting, I'm glad to hear that two of them are out. The parents did not care that they were putting them in danger

  • transhuman68

    I watched the doco. I think it was this one. Without the placard-waving and demonstrations, they could pass as a typical Witness family. Scary resemblance.

  • transhuman68
    LOL Aussies, it's showing again tonight on ABC2:
    Louis Theroux: Return to the Most Hated Family

    10:06 pm - 11:07pm


    In 2007, Louis Theroux spent a summer living with the community of the Westboro Baptist Church in the USA, famed for their offensive ministry. Now Louis returns to find the family more hateful than ever.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Thanks for the heads up, trans. I missed it the first time round!

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