Why do Jews want King David to return...

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  • mP

    When under his reign they were often victims of faminie because God got offended at King Davids lack of faith, wars and more. What possible benefit did they get out of it from the Bible story ? It seems utterly stupid for the common man to want King David when all they did was die.

  • Satanus

    Yabutt, he brought them many victories over their hated enemies. Today, israel sees all countries as their enemies, or potential enemies. A returning david is supposed to bring israel victory over the world of goyim.


  • designs

    David and Solomon were romanticized in Jewish folklore as ruling the brief 'Golden Age' so it was with some whimsy that the Messianic Age would be somehow connected to David. Isaiah ben Amoz wrote of the Mashiach ben David (Messiah Son of David) who was to start the rebuilding of a righteous society of humans. Remember in Judaism righteousness is considered higher than dogma.

  • snare&racket

    Historians believe there was never a David. Jewish scholars have given much money and time in trying to prove he existed. A king that united israels tribes and fought their enemies off in the name of god.

    There was a great BBC documentary in the last 3 years on it. Historical data has so far shown the opposite, that they were never united, that there is no mention of a David anywhere other than the bible. His son Solomon, with the magic wisdom and hundreds of prostitutes... Probably not true either.

    They want him back to prove he existed, it also is a huge part to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. David is a huge part ofntheir story that 'proves' their right to the land.....

  • WTWizard

    Real or not, I would not want a monster like Tyrant David running my country. That scumbag would make Osama Obama or Scumney Romney look like freedom-fighters by comparison. Getting into war, getting slaughtered for his sins, heavy taxation for nothing, having Tyrant David choosing who I could court and who I could not, not being able to turn on a switch on Friday night or during the day Saturday under death threats, and simply skipping a religious service resulting in death is not tolerable. Even among subjects, anyone with half a brain would not want to be held responsible for personal screw-ups made by their king.

    Bad enough if Jesus returns, to enslave the whole human race. I do not want any messiah not associated with Satan to show up and enslave the human race. Much of what Jesus supposedly taught in the LIE-ble was about acccepting slavery. Tyrant David actually dished it out. Neither are for me. With Satan, He did what He could to free us from all this tyranny.

  • mP


    Thats my point, David was a very bad ruler and certainly one of the worst in the entire history of Israel. Im not mke this up, its easyt o add the numbers from the scriptures themselves they dont paint a positive picture. Of course the fact its all bullshit only makes the stories all that more powerful.

    At one stage David was a professional mercenary killing/robbing his fellow jews while on the run. Surely this is not good.


    Yes im notdiscussing the historicity, im simply discussing the raw story itself. Read at face value theres nothing good about David that would or should make him popular w/ the common man. So he supposedly had a big kingdom, that hardly helps the typical pauper in the street.

    The series your referrng to by Francesca Stavropolous(sp) was v interesting. Israel Finkelstein from the university of Jerusalem has established w/out that King David, Joshua etc are all fairy tales.

  • Glander

    They need more Philistine foreskins


  • mP

    Perhaps they need to focus on China to get the foreskins, there arent enough Palestinians if one needs 100 - 200 for each wedding. We al know Jehovah likes fresh meat not recycling.

  • mP

    Perhaps they need to focus on China to get the foreskins, there arent enough Palestinians if one needs 100 - 200 for each wedding. We al know Jehovah likes fresh meat not recycling.

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