A Witnesses Conscience=A watchtower Library search on that subject.

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  • BU2B

    A real christian, when deciding on a matter would read scripture, pray, and based on their scriptural understanding make a decicion based on their conscience. Unfortunately, most witnesses would rather do a search on WTL on the subject and do whaterver the unfaithful and discraceful "slave" says. They are exactly like the Pharisees with their traditions of men and rulemaking legalism who "make the scriptures invalid" with their going beyond them.

  • Honeybucket

    I had a witness once tell me they did a WTL search on anal and oral sex and couldnt find anything, so they are going to let their conscience decided if the poop shoot is OK. I know this is kinda a weird remark, but the point is that in the most intimate details of their life, something they would never share with anyone else, they would allow a publishing company make the rules on their private lives. Instead of turning to the bible and making a decision based soley on the gods word, they turn to the GB to decipher what the bible MAY NOT EVEN MENTION. such prudes

  • Terry

    I once gave a public talk on Christian conscience. Using the Society's outline I soon discovered they had divided people's conscience into a binary proposition.

    The conscience properly trained by regular meeting attendance and study of the Society's publications was described as a "good" conscience.

    Any other kind was not, of course.

    For a person to possess an "inner voice" with which they confer is an admission of a personal and intimate dialogue between the social self, the personal self and the religious self.

    Self-preservation is the highest value because a dead person cannot exercise any values unless they are alive.

    To put the teachings of men ahead of the highest value would be to murder oneself with an intellectual dishonesty unworthy of a sapient human.

    The first time Charles Taze Russell got into trouble with the Bible Student community at large was over his straying from committment to Christ as the only Mediator.

    He wanted to make the anointed co-mediators who themselves had no need of mediation of Jesus' ransom sacrifice.

    That was the first of three schisms caused by a wrong turn toward self-deification.

    The GB today has elevated themselves even between a non-anointed person and their own conscience! They insist that THEY become the de facto voice of conscience instead of allowing the non-anointed christian the freedom

    to embrace what is best by virtue of holy spirit.

  • Tater-T

    here's something to that.. and this is true

    My dad who was DF'd for smoking and out for years ... then we were all out for years... asked my mom,

    "If it was ok to get a free meal on your birthday at Resturant that offers such"

    Is it celibrating your birthday or taking advantage of a coupon with a one day experationdate?

    What does the Watchtower say on such an important matter...

    anyone ever wonder about that...

    I remember hearing this and always thinking WTF

  • man oh man
    man oh man

    one day assembly was safeguard your conscience. Told a sister that they were teaching basically that your conscience should be programmed and not trained. She said she is not programmed because she chooses to go along with the watchtower.

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