mental and bodily health.

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  • zeb

    I have just watched an address by a Dr,

    and he talks about the brain and the importance, the vital importance of


    Most JW in my experience are traditional (as 'my mother used to do') or poor eaters. They take little interest in nutrition and for many unless food advice is in the wts publications will never read it.


    Yes JW socialize but under strict rules. "Not with murmerers", "Not with the worldly" and so on hence there socializing is 'in-bred'

    Mental stimulation.

    Take the queue from the last item. Few witnesses ever engage in out of house activitys. Sport for the young is a no-no. Often i have been in jw homes and never seen another book other than the wts publications. Education is frowned upon. Scholarship is discredited and actual world scholars have been deliberately mis quoted by the WTS to support dogma. Studying is supported provided it is of the WTS own publications and nought else. Do a reading of the scriptures in another trans lation of the Bible other than the JW bible and watch the reaction!


    The wts and jw themselves have confused this profound trait with direct obedience to every call and order from the WTS. How you dress, how you answer up at meetings and who you are seen associating with and the hours you log doing the door to door work .The brother who sexually abused my offspring and many others was a model of all the above. The jw definition of spirituality is performance based on things that can be seen.

    Physical Activity.

    In my long life I conclude that JW are and I stress as a group the unhealiest of peoples because as has been published and said a thousand times at as many conventions all that matters is the ministry work and the meetings attendance.

    Please take a look at Dr Nussbaum site extremely interesting. The observation above just jumped out at me as I was watching.

    Peace love and harmony to all.

  • zeb

    Is this so utterly true it defies comment?

    peace and love to you all.

  • BabaYaga

    I guess you pegged it... yes this is indeed utterly true and very well-phrased observations. Well said.


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