I miss Mad Sweeney

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  • cedars

    Hi everyone

    I just wanted to pay tribute to Mad Sweeney - a valued member of our community who has been away from this forum for some time now.

    Sweeney is a great guy and I loved his Cult Free Radio shows, which I first started listening to not long after awakening. My personal favourite was the one where he interviewed Paul Grundy (jwfacts).

    Here is the link to that particular show for those who are interested: http://ex-jw.com/web-directory/cult-free-radio-archives-1-6 (Scroll down to show #010)

    With his down-to-earth and likeable attitude, Sweeney proved that apostates aren't all "mentally diseased" as the Society insists. He showed that most are reasonable, intelligent, thoughtful people who are simply anxious to think, and see the world the way it truly is. I miss his energy, enthusiasm and integrity, which helped him to make a fantastic contribution to the work of helping thinking Witnesses to finally break free from a damaging cult.

    I know he's had some issues to sort out, and I don't blame him for looking after this side of things first-and-foremost. I hope some day soon we will hear from him again on this forum, if only to say "hi", and to let us know he is ok.


  • brizzzy

    I'm friends with him on Facebook; he seems to be doing well.

  • cedars

    That's good to hear brizzzy. I'm not on facebook yet. Please give him my regards,


  • Balaamsass

    I miss him too.

    Hope all is well MS

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