Do you have children?

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  • irondork

    If you are a parent you should at least consider the contents of this video.

    Prayers for Bobby (trailer)

    Prayers for Bobby (movie)

  • jamiebowers

    I watched this movie when it debuted on Lifetime, and it devastated me. Just wathing the trailer gets me all choked up. I can't imagine how Bobby's parents survived the tragedy that befell their son.

  • d

    I saw a few years back and it is so sad. People should learn to accept Gays as they are. Their is nothing wrong with them. In fact people who bash gays may have problems with their own sexuality.We really need to stop the hate.

  • irondork

    I wasn't aware of it's existence until a few weeks ago and was glad to find the entire movie on youtube. It definitely needs a wider audience.

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