2014 - an interesting year

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  • alfredjones100

    For me, i'm awaiting for October 2014.

    And i'm interested to see how the brothers will react; both in print and in the Kingdom Hall.

    Have others thought that it's a bit odd that the eartly Christian era was only 74 years in length ( from the baptizm of Jesus in 26 CE to the death of the last of the Apostals in 100 AD); but the Last Days are 100 years long?

  • cedars

    They already have a contingency plan enshrined in their literature that will see them through to 2034.


    I don't expect 2014 to be a big deal to the majority of Witnesses.

    As to 2034, I personally believe the Society will be almost unrecognisable by then.


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    There will be lots of damage control between now and then, has already started with the GB change. By the time Oct 2014 comes around the WT will have something up their sleaves to wow the sheeples with...and they will swallow hook line and sinker.


  • Borges

    I remember in 1979 they made a big deal about 100 years of the watchtower magazine ("Don't miss the next 100 years" ).

    But 2014... it would not suprise me, if there will be no mention of 100 years since 1914 at all.

  • konceptual99

    To most dubs it will meaningless. There has never been anything to raise expectations about 2014 as a special year. Yup, there may be some chatter but the society have done enough to defuse issues over timescales and make most dubs think Armageddon is coming imminently yet not worry about any passing of time. I've been under the spell for years and always been on the cynical and thinking side. Goodness only knows what hope there is for the majority who keep on sucking it in with no thought.

    The only way that the WTBTS will fail is if the money runs out.

  • Pterist

    *** I remember in 1979 they made a big deal about 100 years of the watchtower magazine ("Don't miss the next 100 years" ).***

    Yes, I remember that, and saying to myself, "what's the difference between this and a birthday, worship God and not the creation" ?

    Yes, they will want to separate themselves to any reference to 100 years anniversary of Christs return, as Ray Franz says in his book, "For the bed is too short to stretch out on, and the covering so narrow that one cannot wrap himself in it" (Isaiah 28:20).

  • MrFreeze

    I can already tell how it will go. There will be a Watchtower study article about "Keeping on the Watch". Somewhere towards the end of the article it will say something like "Armageddon is fast approaching. It has been 100 years since Jesus was crowned invisibly." Then a JW will comment on the paragraph saying "It's been 100 years since Jesus became king so we know the end is close. We just gotta keep holding on and not let anything distract us or keep us from serving Jehovah."

  • JWOP

    I wouldn't be surprised if they conjure up a teaching that says Armageddon has already happened "invisibly" and that they're already in the paradise, "spiritually".

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