It's Easy To Abandon Your Parents, Using Corban To Guilt Parents!

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  • ÁrbolesdeArabia

    I've read countless stories on the successful introduction of "Corban into the life of a busy JW "glow-couple", nobody is willing to ask "How do you get away with practicing this type of abuse", "It's easy if you are on the Regional Building Committee, and donate as much money as possible to Mother!" Purchase gifts for the Traveling Overseers and pad their hands with green-backs. Nobody ask's questions from the money giving "glow couples", they are those that the Society has allowed "Indulgences" that started the Modern-Day "Reformation".

    The end result from many of your posts on this board, is usually the "weak", "Inactive", "ex-JWs" end up taking care of former JWs who are too old to count, and don't want to change their religion. I will never understand how people follow a religion that fails the basic litmus-test of Christianity, to show "Love". What is so attractive about this religion that keeps abused ones stuck on their "treadmill of guilt"? The "New Light", "Friends that don't visit", "The Sleeping Shepherds Sipping Smirnoff", "Tract Size Literature's Push to Pioneer or your worthless?"

    What drives people to remain in False Christianity? Codependant Relationships Church Goers Cherish.

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