Sending letters to the editor of newspapers{ Herald Sun}VIC. Aust.

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  • smiddy

    Their have been a number of times I have sent a letter to a newspaper on- line that while acknowledging my letter it ,never gets into print ,so I`m `just wondering if their could be a person in the media who is a witness and just deletes my enquirey. In another state I lived in, a witness, no 2 witnesses worked at the newspaper house and could have had an influence on what goes to press . I`m just wondering .


  • smiddy
  • l p
    l p


    Im in Sydney and I sent the Oct 1 letter to all BOE re: child abuse to the sydney morning herald, the australian and the daily telegraph.

    To my knowledge nothing was printed. i would have thought they would have wanted to expose this.


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    I have long suspected that the major newspapers in Australia are not interested in printing anything that is sent to them. Possibly blood transfusion related deaths as an exception for some reason.

    But when it comes to child abuse they are pretty much as silent as the grave. Either an editor or sub editors are Pro JW, or the WT leans on them with $$$$ to not run certain stories. Can't prove it but wouldn't surprise me at all.


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