My Dream About 2012

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  • metatron

    I recently had a dream that crystallized my thoughts about 2012, going into 2013.

    For quite awhile now, i have been reading various predictions and websites that claim special knowledge of what will happen on Dec. 21 and thereafter. Most of them are 'sweet talk' about wondrous fantasies and nothing more.

    In the dream, there was a school with a huge field behind it. Somehow, I managed to plow the field or break up the ground. A group of Mayans/Indians then picked up large stones from the field and hurled them out of the way.

    My interpretation? This is what my subconscious is telling me: The world is a sort of school, with humans growing and learning. Some of us want things to be exposed and the world improved. The New Age 2012 movement is part of that. However naive it seems, it is part of a worldwide movement to remove long entrenched obstacles, often buried below the surface of human attention - and this trend is about to accelerate.

    Stones? Long buried obstacles to be removed? I can think of a number. Such as:

    the Israeli/Palestinian conflict

    the ( almost) pointless War on Drugs

    the misrule of and world domination by Banks

    dependence on fossil fuels

    suppression of evidence of extraterrestrial life

    I am perceiving recent hopeful activity in regard to all of these, as never before in my life. In particular, I find the current political status of the nation of Israel to be almost in a downward freefall. The War On Drugs has been hit with a body blow of decriminalization, with more to follow.

    This isn't about a "kill shot" or 3 days of darkness or "Ascension". It's about hope - a hope that we have turned a corner on this planet and some very positive things are headed our way in the next year.

    metatron ( time will tell)

  • Christ Alone
    Christ Alone

    Maybe Planet X was delayed. Or it's hitting the earth will be invisible?

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Thanks Nebuchadnezzar now we need an interpreter.

  • metatron

    Interpretation provided and no, I don't buy into the Nibiru stuff


  • minimus
  • WTWizard

    No planet to hit the earth or perturb its orbit--it's too late and we would have seen it by now.

    And, I don't think anything will happen that is significant. The fiscal cliff will be nothing--hyperinflation, an energy crisis, and ongoing crackdowns on freedom, that's another matter but that's independent of 2012.

  • metatron

    Quick translation for minimus: a bunch of weird sh*t is about to happen.


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