Looking for the Jensen Letters.

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  • BroMac

    can anybody link me to the Jensen Letters? I can find the text of the letters, but I really would like the scans with official Watchtower headed replies.

    I plan on showing them to my wife. why?

    We visited an elderly sister in hospital after she needed emergency surgery. Her blood count is really low 3. something, and the fear is that her Organs are not getting enough Oxygen. The doctors have given her Iron but what she really needs is Blood, specifically Oxygen carrying Red Blood Cells. The fear is this dear sisters Kidneys will soon shut down if nothing improves.

    When we left the hospital I was visibly upset. The conversation on the way home I told my wife that if she was ever in a situation and she needed a blood component I would do all I can to make sure you got everything you needed to help save your life. She said we need to look at all the information and then we know what we will accept or not.

    I said you dont understand - by everything I mean everything.

    I said Sister ____ needs Oxygen in her blood or her Brain, Kidneys and whatever else will stop working, Red Blood Cells carry the Oxygen around the body, there are no substitutes or 'No Blood' alternatives that do what Red Blood Cells do, She may not need a Whole Blood Transfusion, they would probably give her just what she needs.

    My Wife said that Sister ____'s Conscience may not allow her to accept the same as you.

    I said it is nothing to do with what Her or My conscience would accept, but is what we are told we can or cannot accept. We cannot accept Red Blood Cells but we can accept the Heamoglobin that makes up 97% of a Red Blood Cell. I would accept Red Blood Cells if I needed it, and I would fight with everything I had to make sure you or any children that we have would recieve the best treatment advised by the Doctors. Because I could not face losing you or any of our children over the difference of 3%.

    I was upset at seeing this dear sister in such a poor condition, I was more upset because Blood could give her a better chance of recovery, It's possible that Blood would not be enough to save her, but at least the doctors would have done everything they could.

    What do you guys think? should I show her the Jensen Letters or Not? My angle would be that while I was researching about Blood Components on Google I came across a correspondence that an Elder had with Bethel.... (not very convincing)

  • AnnOMaly
  • BroMac

    Thankyou AnnOMaly

    I tried the AJWRB site before posting the thread but the site has limited pages due to updates so couldn't find them.

    not sure what I'm going to do with them yet.

  • BroMac

    No news on the sister, shes hanging on.

  • AnnOMaly

    Good to hear it! The HLC must be involved, right?

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